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Harmony Arts Festival: Come See Us from July 29th – August 7th!

  FOR THE LOVE OF ART   Please join us in support of youth-generated visual arts! Check out the Harmony Arts Festival coming in August. Mark the dates on your calendar, beginning with the kick-off weekend, July 29 – Aug. 1, and wrapping up the following weekend, including an auction of kids’ artwork by close […]

Meet our Current Featured Artist: Barbara San Severino

Continuing our mission to support greater access to visual art in our community, Dentistry-on-Bellevue is pleased to announce that we will be featuring a variety of local artists’ works throughout the year. Currently, we are proud to display several works created by local artist, Barbara San Severino. You can find out more about Barbara and […]


Ask us about our new Botox® services for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as temporal headaches!  We want your expressions to convey just how happy you feel!

Team Dentist!

 The Field Hockey Factory has chosen Dr. Rodney Shainbom as their Team Dentist! We are thrilled to be associated with this girls’ field hockey organization, providing support through our custom-made sports guards and emergency care that may arise when their team plays on the North Shore! Thank you, Jeff Tvergyak, Head Coach, for seeking out […]

Dental Scaling Reduces Atrial Fibrillation!

Given that Valentine’s Day has just passed, we are reminded that, for many, the month of February is associated with cares of the heart. We thought you should know that Drs. Su-Jung Chen and Chia-Jen Liu report in the International Journal of Cardiology (Vol. 168, Issue 3, October 3, 2013, pp. 2300-2303) that improved oral […]

Dental Pain is not a Reminder Card

Have you had some sensitivity in a tooth or seen a spot on your tongue, and have been told by someone who cares, “No need to worry about that until it hurts!” These comments are well-intentioned, and sum up what many people think is accurate information about oral disease processes, but fiction often takes precedence over […]

Sugar: Same Game No Matter the Name

Our West Vancouver dentist, Dr. Rodney Shainbom, would like to clear up some sugar confusion. Ever think that eating white sugar is bad for you? How about raw sugar? Or brown? Or that exotic-sounding, turbanado?  These sugars are made from sugar cane or sugar beets. For now, we will leave out honey and maple syrup. […]

Conscious Sedation at Dentistry-on-Bellevue

Dr. Shainbom, our West Vancouver general dentist, is pleased to add conscious sedation services at Dentistry-on-Bellevue, in the form of nitrous oxide administration. With his training and experience in working with young children and with adults who prefer the use of conscious sedation, Dr Shainbom is glad for the comfort it brings to our younger […]

The Dental X-Ray Dilemma

The recent article in the Georgia Straight, “Studies Link Dental X-rays to Brain Tumours, Thyroid Cancer, and Low Birth Weight”,published on August 16, 2013, discusses the medical dangers from the indiscriminate use of dental x-rays, and is alarming to patients, parents, dentists and dental professionals alike. Beginning with the picture of a skull on the front page with the […]

Concussion Protection Might Not Be a Helmet!

Here at Dentistry-on-Bellevue, we are located just a few blocks from the soccer and field hockey fields in Ambleside/West Vancouver, BC.  Dr. Rodney Shainbom has years of experience playing, coaching and umpiring field hockey and knows how important it is for all athletes to wear a professionally-fitted sports guard when playing contact sports, or even, when riding a mountain […]