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Concussion Protection Might Not Be a Helmet!

Here at Dentistry-on-Bellevue, we are located just a few blocks from the soccer and field hockey fields in Ambleside/West Vancouver, BC.  Dr. Rodney Shainbom has years of experience playing, coaching and umpiring field hockey and knows how important it is for all athletes to wear a professionally-fitted sports guard when playing contact sports, or even, when riding a mountain bike!

It has been postulated that wearing a sports guard might also provide some small prevention against concussion. While this assertion is more myth than fact, it may be that sports guards will, in fact, have a role to play in improving the assessment and response to a concussion after all!

William Montgomery, a journalist with the Middleton, NY Times Herald Record, reported on June 8th that an American company, i1Biometrics, has developed an “impact sensing mouth guard”! The device contains both a gyroscope and an accelerator, which measure how hard a kid’s head twists when receiving a direct hit, and this information is immediately transmitted to a receiver on the sidelines. It is the strength of this rotational acceleration that impacts the brain. Please read his article at http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130608/NEWS/306080310&cid=sitesearch.

The device is being tested this summer by the football team at Middleton High School, as well as with other high school football teams. It will not be commercially available until late this year or next, but it will provide immediate feedback to coaches about the state of their players during play!

We do not know whether these devices will eventually be affordable or accessible to all sports teams. Until we know more, keep protecting your teeth by wearing our personally-fitted sports guards, fabricated for you here at Dentistry-on-Bellevue in West Vancouver!