Dental Pain is not a Reminder Card

Have you had some sensitivity in a tooth or seen a spot on your tongue, and have been told by someone who cares, “No need to worry about that until it hurts!” These comments are well-intentioned, and sum up what many people think is accurate information about oral disease processes, but fiction often takes precedence over fact. The truth is: Once you experience sensitivity, the dentine under your enamel has been invaded by bacteria’s acid, and the cavity will worsen and the pain will increase until the hole is cleaned and filled. Or your gums will further recede. And sometimes, a sore appears on your tongue or on the inside of your cheek, red or white, and it may or may not hurt. It might be harmless, or it might be oral cancer.

Single cavity                                  Cancer tongue photo

Pain is not your dental reminder card! If you see a black or brown spot on your tooth, a change in your gum tissue, or any reoccurring spot that raises your attention, arrange your next dental visit soon! And especially if you would like to pay less rather than more! West Vancouver dentist, Dr. Rodney Shainbom, provides honest evaluations, written treatment plans, and discusses estimates for any work he suggests before he provides services or referrals to other specialists. He would rather help you sooner than later, and you would rather keep that tooth than lose it. Remember, a simple filling costs far less than a root canal or a crown, and early detection of oral cancer is the best way to increase the possibility of a cure.

Don’t wait until it hurts, because it’s the waiting that truly hurts!