Clinic photo.June2.2014Greetings from Dr. Rodney Shainbom and the Staff at Dentistry-on-Bellevue!


It is our mission to provide long-term treatment to you and your family, to ensure Dental and Oral health and function, while enhancing the beauty of your smile.

We treat children and adults of all ages, and are sensitive to the feelings people of all ages have regarding their dental visits. The comfort of our patients’ experiences is crucial as we work to achieve their clinical goals.

Additionally, our sports dentistry training and central location provides athletes, parents, coaches and umpires the required protective care and emergency services, easily accessible for players of all ages.

Come visit us in the lovely seaside community of Ambleside, along the sea-walk in West Vancouver, BC!

The Canadian Dental Association has defined oral health as
“a state of the oral and related tissues and structures that contribute positively to physical, mental and social well
being and the 
enjoyment of life’s possibilities, by
 allowing the individual to speak, eat, and socialize, unhindered by pain, 
discomfort or embarrassment.”