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Conscious Sedation at Dentistry-on-Bellevue

Conscious Sed.imagesCATLOFNIDr. Shainbom, our West Vancouver general dentist, is pleased to add conscious sedation services at Dentistry-on-Bellevue, in the form of nitrous oxide administration. With his training and experience in working with young children and with adults who prefer the use of conscious sedation, Dr Shainbom is glad for the comfort it brings to our younger patients whose parents request this form of mild sedation. Adults who have a heightened gag reflex, or feel more anxiety about dental treatment, also gain confidence in the dental chair when they feel the additional analgesic effects of nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas”. Please call our office today for further information or to arrange your next visit for yourself or your child! If you are new to our office, please feel free to complete either our Contact or Reservation form!