Our Services

Our treatment philosophy is based on a teamwork approach to providing long term treatment to our patients and their families to achieve their best oral health. We provide a full range of dental services in a friendly, caring environment.

          General Services:

•   Microscope-enhanced Treatment
•   Intra-oral Camera
•   Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry
•   Botox®
•   Conscious Sedation
•   Dental Makeovers
•   Oral Cancer Screening
•   Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
•   Tooth Whitening
•   Endodontics (root canal treatments)
•   Sports Dentistry
•   Periodontal Health Programs
•   Surgical Procedures
•   Dentures, including mini-implant supported dentures
•   General Dentistry
•   Dentistry for Children of All Ages

          Digital Xrays:

•   Replaces the use of film and chemicals and has minimal environmental impact.
•   Digital imaging incorporates computer technology in the capture, display, enhancement, & storage of digital images.
•   Uses 90% less radiation than regular x-ray film.
•   Allows for much clearer and better diagnostics.
•   Educates patients because they can see and understand their dental problems at the time of their x-rays.
•   Results are instant allowing for less waiting time for patients.

          Digital Panoramic X-rays:

•   A panoramic x-ray is an image of your top and bottom jaws including the joints
and base of the skull.
•   An excellent picture for revealing and confirming pathology of the jaws, unerupted teeth and eruptive
patterns in young individuals.
•   Useful in certain situations for diagnosing tooth problems.