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Family, Cosmetic and Sport Dentistry, West Vancouver
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Microscope-enhanced Treatment
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Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry
Dental Makeovers

Oral Cancer Screening
Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
Tooth Whitening
Endodontics (root canal treatments)

Sports Dentistry
Periodontal Health Programs
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Welcome to Dentistry-on-Bellevue! Dr. Rodney Shainbom is a family dentist in West Vancouver with the philosophy that the patient’s clinical needs come first, in addition to what they wish for in their smiles. He is highly experienced in all facets of cosmetic dentistry, and serving children and adults of all ages.  Dr.Shainbom is keen on ensuring all patients have the best oral protection as they enjoy their athletic interests throughout the Lower Mainland of beautiful British Columbia!

To reserve your time with us, please call (604) 922-5711; fax is (604) 922-5722.
You can also email us at We look forward to serving you and your dental health needs and will work with you to maintain your most vibrant, radiant smile!

  • Our Services

    •   Conscious Sedation
    •   Microscope-enhanced Treatment
    •   Intra-oral Camera
    •  Aesthetic Dentistry
    •   Dental Makeovers
    •   Oral Cancer Screening
    •   Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
    •   Tooth Whitening
    •   Endodontics (root canal treatments)
    •   Sports Dentistry
    •   Periodontal Health Programs
    •   Surgical Procedures
    •   Mini-Implant Dentures
    •   Dentures
    •   General Dentistry
    •   Dentistry for Children of All Ages

  • Digital Intra-Oral and Panoramic X-Rays

    Digital Intra-Oral X-Rays:

    •   Replaces the use of film and chemicals and has minimal environmental impact.
    •   Digital imaging incorporates computer technology in the capture, display, enhancement, & storage of direct radiographic images.
    •   Uses 90% less radiation than regular x-ray film.
    •   Allows for much clearer and better diagnostics.
    •   Patients can see and understand their dental problems at the time of their x-rays.

  • Patient Taking a PAN

    Digital Panoramic X-Rays:

    •  Panoramic x-rays take a digital photo of the patient’s upper and lower jaw, showing their skull and neck anatomy.
    •  Panoramic x-rays reveal and confirm important aspects of oral health and pathology, including spacing of teeth, erupted and unerupted teeth, and tooth development in younger patients.
    •  Can be helpful in certain situations in diagnosing problems with teeth and teeth roots.

  • Sportsguards

    Dentistry-on-Bellevue Custom Sportsguard
    Custom Sportsguard

    Custom-made Sportsguards, fabricated and fitted here by our dentists, represent the highest standard of recreational Sportsguards available. They fulfill all four criteria for accurate fit, retention, comfort and resilience. The stability of the material provides for durable wear over several years, even with daily use, and they interfere least with speaking. Athletes find their breathing is not adversely affected, even during hard play, and they are comfortable to wear for the length of the game.

    Accurate fit means every tooth and all gum surfaces of the upper jaw are covered and protected. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach! Retention means the Sportsguard stays in place, instead of being chewed or dislodged by the player. A loose Sportsguard offers no protection for the athlete! Comfort is mandatory, because no one will wear a Sportsguard which irritates the gums or hurts the teeth. And resilience is important in providing dependability and long wear, depending on the age of the athlete and the care they provide to keep their Sportsguard clean and safe.

    A professionally-fabricated Sportsguard is as much a part of an athlete’s uniform, as any other equipment required of the player. Just as cleats will last as long as the wear-and-tear of play and feet size allow, a well-fitted Sportsguard will last as long as the player’s oral anatomy remains the same, to be replaced only after normal wear over a 2 – 3 seasons.

    This is the only type of Sportsguard any athlete of any ability should wear, especially when compared to the price of restoring fractured or lost teeth due to using an ill-fitting mouthguard. Call our West Vancouver dentists today to find out more!


Whether in beautiful West Vancouver, BC, or out on a family vacation, anyone of any age can lose one or more teeth at any time.

Whether you’re eight or eighty-eight, a fall can break your front teeth instantly. Large fillings can fail and if the tooth is too weak, it may have to be pulled.  When missing teeth are not replaced, the remaining teeth can shift or rotate, changing the bite and making chewing painful and difficult. If the missing teeth are front teeth, embarrassment and self-consciousness result.

But most important, whenever a tooth is lost, the alveolar bone loses density and shape, causing indentations in the face where the bone used to be.  Read more here.


Join The Zoom!™ Boom!  A referral is not required for Zoom!™ Tooth Whitening. Please contact us to make an appointment.

What is Zoom!™ tooth whitening? Zoom! is an in-office tooth whitening process that lightens tooth discoloration. It is safe, highly effective, and fast. Your teeth may be whitened by up to ten shades in only one office visit.

What causes teeth to discolor? The most common cause is the consumption of beverages and products that have staining characteristics. These include tea, coffee, colas, red wine, dark berries, and tobacco products. Ageing, some medications, and excessive fluoride may also contribute to tooth discoloration.

Read more here


Oral Cancer refers to “cancer of the mouth”, but in actuality, the term includes cancers found not only in the mouth, but also involving the lips, nose, tongue, throat and neck.  Over 42,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States and  3,200 cases were diagnosed in Canada in 2007. However, in Canada, oral cancer now produces more cases of cancer than either cervical or ovarian cancer, and more deaths than from melonoma and cervical cancer. (Canadian Dental Association).

According to the American Cancer Society, oral cancer occurs almost as frequently as leukemia and claims almost as many lives as melanoma cancer. People 60 years and over are most at risk, but the number of cases is increasing in those under 40. Youth is no longer a protection, especially with the popularity of tanning salons and the use of smokeless tobacco.

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